A few days ago I had the pleasure of speaking at the July Product Tank event held at techhub.  The topic was a venture capitalists perspective on product management, so I thought I’d pitch up and share the Antrak perspective on the critical role of product in development stage companies.  Adding some great perspective to the event were two other speakers, Alex Hoye of Latitude Digital Marketing and Rob Kniaz of Hoxton Ventures.

I guess our participation in the event suggests that we believe allocating capital to build a world-class product team is vitally important.  We work actively with our portfolio to help create a culture where great product management can thrive.

And to that end, we are really grateful for the work that Martin Eriksson and his team at ProductTank are doing to help develop a great pool Internet savvy Product managers here in London.  We’ll look to attend more of these events as a way to get to know some of the talented and growing community of product managers in London.